Here at Deltair we test all our engines on one of our purpose built test beds here at our main site in Waterlooville using our callibrated test clubs.

For more prolonged runs, or with the larger engines we have a facility locally at HMS Deadalus.

After prolonged planning problems, we are finally relocating our dynomometer test facilities back to base (watch this space!)

Test Beds

Shown right is the test bed used for the larger radial engines. The one shown is the Pratt and Whitney R1340-AN1 used in the Harvard. Mouse over the picture to see the Pegasus that was a total rebuild by us for the Fairey Swordfish.

Emissions Testing

We are currently doing some tests with one of our own purpose built engines to reduce the emissions in conjunction with university R&D departments. Our aim is to reduce the emissions for existing engines at minimal cost (ie without the need for an expensive FADEC type system) and minimal weight (ie no hefty catalytic convertors) Results so far have been fantastic with reductions in CO and HC averaging 50%. Our aim is to be proactive to have this implemented inexpensively before legislation requires Euro car standards which would be ridiculously heavy and expensive.

Engine Testing
Engine Testing
Engine Testing